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Curtin University
Perinatal Care of Substance Using Mothers and Their Infants


Women who use illicit substances during pregnancy constitute a special group of mothers with complex social, psychological, medical and obstetric needs. Perinatal care of substance-using mothers and their fetus or newborn infant requires highly specialised knowledge. In many settings other than specialised obstetric services, particularly those in rural and remote locations, accessing this knowledge is difficult due to a lack of relevant educational materials and support programs, as well as limited specialist practitioners who can assist clinicians in caring for this group of mothers.

The initial development of this website and many of its accompanying documents was supported by a grant from the Australian Government through the Rural Health Support, Education and Training (RHSET) program.  In 2013, further grant funding from The Western Australian Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust has facilitated the update of the content and material of this website.  The purpose of the website is to provide health care professionals with information which will enable them to meet the special needs of chemically dependent pregnant and postnatal women and their infants.